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Our Definition of Bio Materials

Our definition of bio-based chemicals and materials is primarily linked to the European Union’s and   USDA

We refer to non-food and non-biofuel industrial products derived from biomass including :

  • plants,
  • algae,
  • crops,
  • trees,
  • marine organisms
  • and biological waste from households, animals and food production

This includes products that are fully or partially made of renewable resources. We are excluding natural products such as minerals, as they are not renewable.  

What are bio materials ?

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Bio-based Industry is very dynamic. Suppliers of bio-based chemicals and materials invest more than ever in the development of new "bio"-products. Industrial users, on their side, face unprecedented pressure to replace their current non-renewable products. It results in lots of announcements every week. One of these could be crucial for your own project...

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