The SpecialChem personnel share a real passion for chemicals and materials.
Some fundamental challenges drive us.
They are the deep reasons why we go to work every day.

Help Solve the Big
Environmental Challenges of

At SpecialChem, we believe that chemicals and materials are the source of many future solutions to the big problems that mankind is facing, and we are totally convinced that innovation is vital to ensure a sustainable economic development.

Protect resources for future generations.

We aim to accelerate innovation and solutions in such matters as:

  • - Energy savings
  • - The use of renewable resources
  • - The development of biotechnologies
  • - Resource savings, in particular water
  • - Climate protection

Promote solutions improving Health & Safety of human beings

- We recognize that chemicals, while having provided an incredible amount of progress to human beings, can also be a source of risk if not handled properly. We are committed to help develop technologies that are improving Health and Safety.

- We believe in scientific evaluation of risks-- the only possible way to make rational decisions.

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