SpecialChem is the Universal Selection Source for chemicals and materials.
We help formulators, specifiers, and suppliers of chemicals and materials to connect,
to innovate, and to accelerate both their technology and business.

  • Since the year 2000, SpecialChem has built technical websites dedicated to some
    of the largest downstream markets for the chemical industry.

  • Each of these websites offers a Universal Selector™ aimed at providing technical data
    on every material or ingredient in the world in order to search, analyze and
    compare them, as well as the expert knowledge to select them.

    Our 500,000+ registered members comprised of engineers, formulators, product
    developers, marketers, applicators and brand owners across the globe build the
    world’s largest online network dedicated to chemicals and materials.

This profiled network, combined with more than 3 million visitors per year, are unique assets
for SpecialChem to offer marketing services to chemicals and materials suppliers..

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