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Product Selection & Solution

Whether you are searching for a new polymer, an alternative to a formulation ingredient or a technical solution to a problem you are encountering, SpecialChem Product Selection & Solution services are here to help!

SpecialChem Product Selection and Solution services comprise:
  • Materials Selectors: at SpecialChem, we have analyzed more than 40,000 chemicals and classified them by function, application, performance and suppliers. This huge amount of work is provided to you for free with registration, helping you to find the right chemical solution.
  • Solution Case Studies: because seeing chemicals or materials in their end-applications often tells you more about how you can use them, we have developed libraries of Solution Case Studies for your review.
  • Technical Centers and Webinars: SpecialChem partners with leading global suppliers to provide you access to their latest innovations and solutions, as well as on-line technical assistance to solve your issues, directly with experts in their labs.
SpecialChem Product Selection & Solution services are available for: