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What Are Open Innovation Key Factors Of Success?

Frame effective Request For Proposals (RFP)

  • RFP framing is absolutely critical to a successful Open Innovation process
  • The quality of the responses you will receive vastly depends on the quality of the RFP
  • To be effective, an RFP must:
    • Correspond to your exact need
    • Be as specific as possible
    • Be understood by the network who will respond to it
    • Try to remain realistic on what is scientifically achievable or not

Select the right networks

  • We would recommend people considering Open Innovation to use specialized networks instead of general network
  • Networks to be used depends on what you are looking for
  • Some Open Innovation specialists tend to prefer business networks instead of academic networks as they bring shorter term results, a greater proportion of ready-to-use proposals
  • For short term needs and ready to use solutions business networks are generally preferred

Plan time and resources

  • Open Innovation is not a magic process!
  • Without time and dedicated resources, the chances of coming to real innovation or simply do business, remain low
  • You need to plan enough time to correctly frame your RFP, to screen the proposals you will receive and to contact the respondents

Keep an open mind

  • Be prepared to fight the "Not Invented Here Syndrome" of some people
  • Always look for win-win situations with the respondents
  • There are efficient ways to protect IP: do not over-estimate the importance of IP but do not overlook the IP questions
  • Use patent attorneys that are familiar with Open Innovation: you will save time, money and learn a lot
  • Several trials of open Innovation networks like SpecialChem's are often necessary to start to master the process and encounter first notable successes
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