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Commercial Acceleration Solution | Our Network of Chemicals & Materials Specifiers
  • How can we accelerate the introduction of our new technology?
  • How can we predict the ROI of our business development two years from now?
  • How can we identify and connect with companies that need our products today?
  • How to reach the right prospects when entering a brand new market?
Commercial Acceleration SpecialChem provides commercial acceleration solutions for differentiated technologies and products.

Whether you need to introduce a new technology to the market, enter new applications or accelerate peak revenues for a new product grade, you can benefit from SpecialChem's 10+ years of experience in business development for specialty chemicals and materials.

Thanks to the world's largest online network in Chemicals and Materials - over 500,000 technical specifiers and over 3,200,000 visitors per year - we can connect you with the right players in the value chain that are responsible for specifying your materials.

Using our methodology based on a 5-stage growth funnel, we apply state-of-the-art business development techniques such as our Project Detection process and our Human Qualification of sales opportunities to deliver active projects at new potential customers for your specialty chemicals and materials.

Thanks to more than a decade of business relationships with the world's leading specialty chemicals and materials suppliers, as well as innovative start-ups, we can now offer you the best-in-class methodologies for new business development. These proprietary, proven methodologies enable us to predict and commit the results for each program -- starting with the number of new business development projects you can expect over time.

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We will discuss your business development needs or predict the ROI for your product. Consider SpecialChem as your new hire – a business development manager that will deliver more, faster, with a commitment on results.
  • Measurable Commercial Acceleration
  • Commitment on Results
  • Predictive ROI
  • Human Qualification
  • External headcounts
  • Stefan Fors Stefan Fors
    Director UPM Biocomposites
    "Our collaboration with SpecialChem helps us to define the benefits brought by UPM that different market segment is valuing"
  • John Jungjohann John Jungjohann
    Business Manager - Global Plastic Market - Flow Polymers
    "SpecialChem has done 5 years worth of Business Development in only 10 months !"
  • Walter Ramirez Walter Ramirez
    Global Technology Director Dynasol Elastomers
    "SpecialChem has been playing a strategic role to help Dynasol become an undisputed player in SBS and SSBR for the adhesives market. This has been true from various perspectives such as: market development and awareness, branding, formulators education, building of application know-how ..."
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"SpecialChem has done 5 years worth of Business Development in only 10 months !."

John Jungjohann, Business Manager - Global Plastic Market - Flow Polymers
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