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Here is a simple framework to help you assess your products’ offer by your own means and an insight into SpecialChem’s proprietary methodology to score Attractiveness in a synthetic way. First, an absolute Attractiveness does not mean much. The Attractiveness needs to be assessed relative to a benchmark. We recommend that you ... June 2012
Incorez has recently entered into a partnership with SpecialChem, the world’s largest network of chemicals and materials suppliers. June 2012
As a result of over 10 years working with leading chemicals and materials, SpecialChem is pleased to share with you what we have learned as the main criteria for success in launching new products and technologies.

In order to frame these criteria for success, it is important to first mention the historical reasons for poor results -- and sometimes horrific failures -- when attempting to launch new products or technologies.

Typical Reasons for failed launches:

  • Product/Technology launched does not meet the market need
  • Good product/technology but wrong positioning and/or wrong target
  • Excellent product but limited/no connection to the target ( market reach) – very common for new technology start-ups
  • Good market reach but no defined lead management processes or resources – common for companies with strong commodity background
  • Strong market reach and resources but majority of sales force focused on farming and not hunting – typical case of many large established players

  • 3 key factors for success in new products and technology introduction ...
    January 2012
    January 4, 2012, New York, NY - The Société de Chimie Industrielle is pleased to announce the results of recent elections of new Officers and Board Members, held during the group’s annual meeting on Wednesday, December 14, 2011, at the Yale Club of New York. The following members were elected as officers: President: Dwight Glover; VP Administration: James M. Weatherall; VP Finance: Alfred A. Sagarese; VP Membership: Joseph V. Porcelli ... January 2012
    Launching new technologies in Specialty Chemicals & Materials is often a long and complex challenge -- not only from the early R&D and strategic marketing perspective, but straight through to the operational launch. Delivering the right key messages to the right target is critical to capturing mind share and, in turn, accelerating market adoption of your new technology. Discover how SpecialChem leveraged the latest business development techniques in the new Commercial Acceleration service. September 2011

    "Our collaboration with SpecialChem helps us to define the benefits brought by UPM that different market segment is valuing."

    Stefan Fors, Director UPM Biocomposites
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